How can a student, staff, and parent management system help in your child’s education?

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There is no denying that a potent school management system has the ability to facilitate three-way dynamic communication, keeping all parties concerned involved in a child’s education.

Welcome to the 21st century and the power of next-gen technology.

The EgSchool Smart school management system helps the students, staff, and parents stay engaged and up-to-date within the education system while imparting new age learning and development for the future generation. The methodologies may vary from location to location but the final goal to educate still remains the same. A multi-purpose software, EgSchool, is a powerful, yet highly user-friendly tool that can greatly benefit educational institutions, and particularly schools. Managing each student statement with the help of traditional methodologies can be challenging. But EgSchool makes everything manageable with accessibility, ease of use and a comprehensive database management system.

Advantages of a School Management System

At the outset, a School Management Software comes with several all-around benefits.

The productivity of the institute is boosted with the decreased time taken to maintain manual records. Data is well-organized thus automatically augmenting statistical, theoretical and numeric accuracy. The institute, can stay oriented to more important tasks and automate the redundant ones with the help of the school management software.


A cloud-based school management software system ensures healthy student-teacher collaborations that go beyond just the physical classroom. With improved interaction, between the students and the tutors, the learner obtains answers to every query and a friendly academics atmosphere is maintained.

Natural Resources

If there is one thing that digitization contributes to tremendously, then it is the conservation of natural resources. Not only is data available, but it is also reachable too and with the utmost accuracy saving on space and time as well.


Records on a school software management system are maintained in the cloud with appropriate restrictions and security protocols in place. These records are ideally accessible at any time and from any place allowing seekers to retrieve sensitive information immediately.


Hectic schedules and decision-making policies divert the attention of staffers who are unable to keep a track of student enrolments. The software system simplifies enrolment procedures by minimizing burdens and automating all repetitive processes.


The software enhances transparency as it allows parents to interact with the staff as well. They can keep track of their wards’ progress while in the school and even check their advancements through their academics from time to time. Augmented transparency only means more faith.

Reduction in Communication Costs

With data being available at any time, allowing retrieval from anywhere and with accessibility highly simplified by the software, there is a drastic reduction in communication costs. This means there is minimal messaging, calling and other types of physical communication. Information about all school activities is available online in the School Management Software.


Since management is technology-driven, the workload on the school staff members is drastically minimized. Relevant data is retrieved and sent to either the parents, students or staff through the system thus saving on valuable time.

 Dynamic System

The School Management Software is instrumental in bringing constructive three-way communication into its fold through Records Management, Tracking Results, Role Assignments, Timetabling, and Scheduling and measuring Academic Progress along with Inventory Management.

For Parents

  • Parents’ details are available with the school management at their fingertips with the help of the software. Which means, parents can be contacted especially in case of emergencies
  • Continuous updates about the child’s progress are provided through a results’ tracking system
  • Absenteeism and late attendance can be significantly minimized with the help of a digital attendance maintenance system. Parents are intimated about their wards’ on-time attendance
  • A simplified platform is provided for parents to pay their bills online and on time
  • Updates on student behavior presented through the system help parents keep a check on their child’s traits
  • An overview of the child’s performance is provided through trends and other calculus
  • The inbuilt platform acts as a robust communication tool for all events and management issues

For Students

  • All academic performance and details of students’ activities are stored in the software system
  • Rates of absenteeism are presented which can also be customized to weekly, monthly and yearly views
  • Intimate students pertaining to the availability of school books, uniforms, and other related materials
  • Issue transcripts and certificates or statement of results for a particular test or even for quarterly and yearly assessments
  • Record and identify student traits, skills, psychomotor traits, and other effective individualities
  • Behavioral assessments that can even praise the student to elevate good behavior

For Teachers

  • The software helps in managing rosters for current staff servicing the school. It is also capable of generating statistical reports for appropriate staff management.
  • Roles can be distributed easily – such as class teachers, subject teachers, counselors, principal, headmistress and much more.
  • Besides subject allocation, time tables can be scheduled with prudence and class overlapping can be avoided
  • Administrative expenditure in every way can be recorded into the software to regulate overheads
  • Payroll management can be captured through a monthly payroll system along with rewards and deductions
  • Results can be compiled automatically in different formats at every level meant for students, teachers, staffs, parents, and much more
  • All parties including class teachers and subject teachers are provided with a behavioral assessment and analysis of students to check into overall learning progress
  • Lesson plans, curriculums, and standard of tutelage can all be recorded on the portal

With an efficient School Management System like EgSchool, educational institutions can visualize real-time and progressive updates pertaining to students, and staff. Budgeting and analysis and other financial management aspects such as ledger and balance sheet maintenance can also be executed through the software. With a powerful result analysis feature, the school management software can provide student strength updates while identifying trends and issues. Stock reports along with availability and non-availability of the inventory can be made available online. A record of students’ fitness and health can be maintained as well with scheduled regular visits from clinical professionals.  Students can also be tested and graded through the automated system.

Check with professionals at EgSchool to augment your current system to higher digital levels.