How does Smart Education differ from the Traditional Education System?

Traditional Education is good, but the Smart Education is very good. The capabilities of the younger generation define the quality of a nation’s social, political and economic future. A new generation of smart schools comprising of intelligent education systems aims to increase the capabilities of next-gen students with the help of visualization, which plays a major role in understanding and learning.

EgSchool is Smart School Management software that builds visual aids such as videos and other static and moving images, to deliver some of the most comprehensive content to augment children’s interest so that they retain what they learn for longer periods of time.

There is no limit to the way we can use technology. Digital advancements are constantly changing lives to make them easier and a School Management System that has all the elements of ease of learning is on its way to capturing the creativity of young minds. By itself, technology has several uses within education.

Stay in touch with mentors and teachers to see the progress of a child. Important communication can be facilitated through the Smart School Management System to keep all parties involved in the life of a student, informed and engaged. Answers to a range of questions are available at the click of a button. Find student assignments, projects, and other materials through powerful search engines encompassed within the School Management Software. Access to technology broadens minds and encourages good decision-making due to the variety of information available. Where traditional classroom systems are considered boring, the Smart School Management System aims to change all that and inculcate fun into the classroom. Children stay excited to learn.

The EgSchool Smart System is highly futuristic and prepares the child for the next generation challenges while imparting skills for a future workspace.

Traditional Learning Systems

A Traditional Learning system predominantly focuses on academics and does, to a great extent develop the mental ability of the students. An indirect approach, the system believes that the by-product of such an institution is merely academics. The study is rhetoric in nature and learning is rote. Mastery of basic skills takes precedence, especially in primary grades, after which only sophisticated language and math skills are the primary focus. In many cases, the traditional education system is held up by biased religious and casteist views, which is non-progressive and fractured. Assessments become insignificant as the students lose faith in gradations that place single-minded emphasis.

Smart School Education System

A Smart School education system consciously adopts educational management practices and instructional processes to foster systemic changes. With this, learners can surmount every challenge of the information technology era. In order to prepare students for the Information, AgeSmart schools have been reinvented in terms of teaching and learning practice and school management. While continuing to prepare students for a digital future, the smart school develops and evolves its educational resources, staffing, and administrative capabilities. A suitable mix of learning strategies is incorporated to ensure mastery over basic competencies to promote holistic student development. Different learning styles are accommodated, to boost performance and foster a classroom atmosphere, compatible with different teaching-learning strategies. For example, multiple teaching approaches will be adopted to optimize the students’ math learning, which is one of the most important subjects. The Smart School Management System will engender students with a love to learn the subject.

Equipments in Smart Classrooms

Progressive classrooms always procure materials that utilize smart technology to facilitate comprehensive learning. Advanced smart classes actually encompass the newest of technologies to impart education. Instead of writing boards and markers, a computer or laptop is used to represent multimedia. The optical projector reflects learning objects on a screen. A microphone is used to make required announcements and other visual presenters such as a document camera and visual overheads are used to magnify or project two-dimensional or three dimensional-objects for learning. Smart boards and smart LCDs with an interactive pen display connected to a computer’s USB or RGB port are used with digital inking facility. Besides all of this equipment, the smart school also uses advanced school management software to facilitate constructive and progressive student-parent-teacher-transport communication.

Advantages of EgSchool Smart School Management Software

Resources: One of the primary advantages of the EgSchool Smart School Management system and software is the availability of learning resources. The software allows the creation of customized modules for every subject that can be either input manually or sourced online by the administrator. These resources are accessible by the students at any time and from anywhere. Any extra learning knowledge can be injected into the module at any point in time to take learning beyond the syllabus.

Digital Notes: A teacher, traditionally, would tediously write on a board and the student jots it down. In such cases, the students’ attention is split. While deciphering what the teacher is writing on the board, they also have to understand the subject and even write it down. EgSchool enables digital notes where the teachers use word documents, images, and presentations for tutelage. These are then uploaded into the software, from where the students can pick these up for future reference. This way, students stay attentive towards the subject and devote their time fully towards the subject matter.

Absentees: For students who are absent on a particular day, digital notes and lectures can help them catch up on a lost day’s work. Lectures can be recorded and uploaded into the EgSchool Management System so that the student can watch the video and comprehend the subject while even taking down the notes.

Learning Becomes Enjoyable: In the end, learning matters and it is the students’ interest that helps them stay attentive in a class. It cannot be denied that traditional classrooms make students sleepy and they end up not listening to the teacher. Classrooms become fun rooms with the help of EgSchool’s creative learning system. As it captures the learners’ attention, academic performance improves because they are able to perform better. The fundamentals of the subject are well-understood and basic knowledge is strengthened.

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