Basic Challenges faced by today’s School Administration

Today’s school administrators face a variety of problems on daily basis, from School governance, the handling of parents, service education and the support of overwhelmed teachers. It is always a great challenge for school management to manage a school and bring together departments and campuses to achieve the mission. It is easy to achieve their goals by transforming schools with high – tech automation tools to support academic and administrative processes. In order to succeed in schools’ daily tasks, there is a growing need to modernize education with the cloud, mobile and digital technologies to improve operational efficiency and effectively manage the institution.

For every school admins, the integral of their very existence lies on the biggest issue of cumbersome paperwork and manual processes and that seems difficult for them to keep records of attendance, fees, admissions, transport, etc. and track the information needed. Some of the challenges or burdens faced by School administrators are:

1) Student registration- The problem with students’ manual registration is that they have to waste precious hours standing in queues to pay fees and do other important work to function properly in a school. The same applies to school staff, many of whom must work in such a way that it can be done smoothly, thus wasting the precious resource.

2) Admission- Schools, colleges, and Universities find it really difficult to achieve their objectives in areas such as registration and admission. The main reason for this is that they cannot get hitched with technology processes.

3) Management of courses- Course management is a major problem for school administrators. It is very important that schools develop a curriculum that can adapt to the institution’s constantly changing requirements.

4) Evaluation for teachers- An imperative piece of functioning in a school is monitoring how well the teachers are working. With appropriate assessment of instructors, a school can improve to a noteworthy degree also.

5) Communication system- Most schools are suffering these days because there is no sufficient platform to communicate properly with different stakeholders such as students, staff, administrators, and teachers. This can be seen in the disciplinary problems that continue to arise between teachers and schools in schools.

6) Student monitoring- Teachers and school administrators alike can find it really difficult to take care of students’ various activities such as attendance, discipline, leave and tasks. The main reason for this is the lack of sufficient results-based monitoring tools.

7) Revenue managing- It can also difficult for school administrators to deal with their finances. In this regard, the main problem they face is to keep track of the various contributions and collections of fees that are coming in. You definitely need to find systems that can help you perform such work seamlessly.

8) Predicting academic results- School administrators also face problems in areas such as data management, which means that the information they receive is delayed. There are endless delays in decision-making based on full analysis that is really difficult for students to predict their at-risk or successful outcome.

9) Timetable management- One of the daily challenges faced by admins, timetable managing. Based on the presence or availability of the staffs, the management schedule the time table.

10) Information/data management- It is the duty of the admins to store the records of the School securely. It takes a bundle of papers to load the drawer. Well, in this case, a short-cut is always welcome.

11) Front office work- Apart from monitoring and managing, admins are also responsible to handle the front-desk works.

12) Salary/fee management- The hardest work is managing salary and fees. Managing the salary records of the staff calculating their deduction and bonus is hectic. Likewise keeping the record and reminder of all students’ fee payment with detail is barely done as financials.

13) Transportation management- To secure guard students, school administration is investing more time in the entire fleet of buses by scheduling and reporting.

To save time and reduce workload or pressure, EgSchool school management system digitizes the operation of school making into a smarter one with automated academic process. This school information management system makes admins easy to chart each student’s progress individually, while the software can also be used to manage resources and budgeting for schools. Numerous administrative tasks are managed and organized, collaborated and communicated between Parents, teachers, students and organization under one platform in a seamless manner. EgSchool ERP system software boasts a variety of features that improve the overall school administrations. Some of the highly effective functions of the school management software are as follows.

  • Availability of Web and App
  • Account for every User
  • GPS Tracking
  • Chat (anytime-anywhere)
  • School data management
  • Online admission/registration details
  • Staff/employee management
  • Easy Salary/fee management
  • Secure Fees Submission
  • Payroll Management
  • Automatic Calculation of Loss of Pay
  • Categorization of Income and Expenses
  • Notifications (via SMS, e-mail)
  • Leave Management
  • Attendance management
  • Timetable management (auto-generating)
  • Exam management
  • Library management
  • Inventory Management
  • Classroom Management
  • Transport Management
  • School Bus Tracking

EgSchool software is a powerful self-monitoring tool for managing all your administrative tasks with an integrated system with a single line. These fruitful purposes of EgSchool software automatically solve the communication gap between parent and teachers, teacher and students, teacher and admins.

After getting a quick glimpse into the interface and operation of this school management system, what do you think…willing to introduce this technology for your Institute? Connect with our cloud-based offline/online framework EgSchool app and build the future of the nation.