Why does your institution need EG School today?

Technology has had its own impact on children’s lives but it has also influenced educational institutions to look beyond just classroom functioning. With a shift in the way, minds have advanced, schools today are more inclined to stay in sync with the rapid pace of the millennial while keeping affordability and accessibility in check. Technology and growth are synonymous to each other and today education is motivated to use this positively. Updated group features, smart management facilities, and reports are just some of the attributes that institutions are looking for in a software management system.

Embracing Technology

School management systems can play a big part in a school’s functioning. Most of the time, institutes are immersed in a heap of papers and registers and are seldom receptive to automation. This is because they believe that online systems are lack security and reliability. While the entirety of technology is yet to be explored by the educational sector, there are other institutions that have graciously accepted the system essentially due to the innumerable benefits that it brings with itself. Schools are in touch with parents virtually and constantly keep them apprised about their ward’s performance. Ideally, this would be a tedious task on paper – to keep track of the students’ attendance along with their daily curriculum and participation. Manual records are prone to errors and keeping them can be rather wearisome. A school management system helps the institution execute their tasks smoothly.

EG School goes a step further by providing institutions with a smart school management system that is in the palm of their hands. One of the biggest advantages of the app comes in the form of accessibility where users can log in from anywhere to accomplish critical activities that would otherwise have been impossible.

Benefits of a school management system

A school information management system is one of the most effective ways of communication. The administration is better positioned to share and circulate critical information. When done manually, the task can take long, but with an automated system at their disposal, this can be performed in a short span of time. A child’s progress can be recorded in real-time so that the parent is immediately aware of the child’s activities. This is so far detached from the times where the school had to always reach out manually to the parent even for a small piece of information. Wide communication gaps are abridged successfully with a school management system. All parties involved are invariably satisfied – the school, the staff, the students and more importantly the parents.

Where there is a school there is a lot of data. Even today, some schools are still left to deal with the complexity of manual data gathering and information storage. While most of it is stored manually, the paperwork is never devoid of errors. Besides, even for the smallest retrievals, people have to go through loads of papers, files, and ledgers, which can be a cause of undue delay and distress. Crucial data can even perish quite easily as they are maintained physically. There is also a significant risk associated with manual data and information management notwithstanding the amount of space that such storage occupies.

The EG School management system provides substantial relief to the institution when data gathering, management and especially storage is in the form of digital archives. The solution eliminates the need for physical storage of records, and the school does not have to rummage through piles of papers, ledgers, and files for retrieval. Data loss is also curbed with the introduction of EG School.

Aside from the above, the quality of work is also significantly improved due to greater convenience. Information is collated and analyzed effectively and document management is performed with ease. Data entry and retrieval are also a breeze.

EG School – the next-gen mobile application designed for schools

Schools are constantly trying to improve parent-teacher relationships through effective communication and of course better teaching. EG School makes a difference when it provides schooling, communication, gradation, curriculum and the entire gamut of educational services, all under one roof. A conscientious application developed by some of the best minds in the IT industry, EG School aims to amplify education by placing its importance at the parents’ and subsequently students’ fingertips.

The app improves interaction as children stay engaged. It also incorporates novel learning techniques especially to beat boredom that could erupt due to traditional teaching methodologies. It is a welcome though temporary, drift from monotonous learning patterns. Children can easily get the taste of newness of learning, through challenging tasks, games or puzzles that can be mobilized through the app.

Just like every app enhances communication the EG School app also boosts parent-teacher interaction and even furthers instant digital exchanges – especially if any one party is running on a schedule. Parent queries can be attended to at any point in time rather than waiting for a physical communication, which generally takes more time.

Additionally, our app is a repository of online resources with a wealth of knowledge, embedded especially for the seekers. Access a compendium of eBooks meant for students, teachers and other enquirers who need knowledge that is periodically updated.

The system is available 24/7, unlike a school that is open only for fixed hours. With round-the-clock availability of information, students need not worry about schedules. For example, for a student looking for class notes or additional information for an exam, can easily source it online, from the app at any time. With child-friendly control, EG School also manages the school’s transport system.

Whether it is an admission procedure, fee management, notifications and alerts, time table management, retrieval of historical data and much more, EG School performs all of these.

Get hold of EG School’s Smart Attendance Management system, which is a highlight. It uses the latest technologies and has the ability to capture real-time data through the mobile app.

Know more about what the EG School Smart School Management Software application can do for you. Book a demo right now to know how it can simplify your difficult processes to create an enhanced and improved school management system.