Transformation of Educational sectors with paperless Technology

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Technology’s role in transforming the Education sector

We are in the era of digitization where technological growth frequently affects almost every aspect of our lives. From the way we communicate to how businesses operate, the impact of digitization is also visible in the field of education and has changed the way education is delivered and consumed. Rote learning and reliance on printed material or book-based learning is rapidly becoming history.

The education system in India was a traditional classroom-based learning system until the last century, where students could not actively participate in lectures. In order to meet future challenges, concepts have to be made clear to the students and be sufficiently competent enough to cope globally. The concept of digital learning evolved during 2002-03, with technology allocating the education sector, the typical classroom, once considered as boring is now turning into an interesting fun-filled environment. Digital education has made life a lot easier for both students and educators.

India’s e-learning industry is a prolific industry that is experiencing steady growth. The digital learning is no longer a luxury, but the use of digital learning tools in schools, colleges have become a necessity. New age technology platforms help to assess the performance of students, teachers, and institutions as a whole, and educational institutions in India are increasingly adopting them. Cloud-based platforms are also finding takers that help classrooms go paperless. In the field of education, even Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) is also getting adapted.

With access to smartphones and an increase in the use of the Internet in the country, the e-learning industry has immense scope for development. The pace of change in the world today is truly unprecedented. Education and technology are sectors that change and are affected by changes in their environment. In such a scenario, the best thing to do is to be innovative and be agile and willing to adapt to new developments. EG School creates a new way of saving the trees with a better engagement of technologies by moving for a sustainable paperless future. The state-of-the-art infrastructure combined with innovative teaching method makes EG School pioneers in city education for new ages.

Needs to go for a Paperless Movement

Remember how many hours you spent each week preparing and printing documents, just to watch them walk from the student desks to the floor, the trash bin or the bottom of their backpacks? For teachers living in the paper age, this was the reality.

Nowadays, the idea of a paperless classroom is more than just a trend. Schools across the country now opt to replace traditional pen and paper with apps and other software. And the teachers, schools, and most importantly students are benefited as technology improves. In order to minimize classroom waste, students work-learn digitally, and teachers share handouts and graded computer work, Schools across the country use online storage and file sharing tools to create, store and share files between students and teachers as a virtual clearinghouse. Likewise, to change such classroom life digitally, EG School comes with the web-based ERP School Management system that saves time, money, paper (environment) and enhance literacy.

What is a School ERP mean?

ERP can be defined as a kind of automated system. They are designed with the specific intention of using computers to manage an organization’s work. The ERPs created for schools and colleges are intended primarily to meet the different administrative requirements of these educational bodies.

These web-based programs are classified in a number of modules to manage separate functions. They are also connected and this software makes it so easy to integrate them into the overall system of the school. This makes a school or college’s normal work much simpler and better than before. This is because the burden of administrative bodies and faculty members is divided. They don’t need to bear the whole burden alone anymore. ERP system makes them feel lighter and allows them to focus more acutely on their core work-disseminating knowledge among students and helping them fulfill their true life potential.

What does this paperless solution/product do?

One of the greatest technological innovations created in the 21st century is the school management system of EG School. Its primary objective – as already said – is to simplify the processes of a school’s functioning. This ERP school management system can carry out a wide range of work related to a school’s functioning. Some of its features are given below:

Online admissions

  • General register
  • Student profiling and documents
  • Analytical reports
  • Homework notifications
  • E-Learning
  • Examinations and progress cards
  • Library management
  • Paperless Parental communication (email and SMS)
  • Fee Instalments and receipts
  • Admin report management

Innovative education sectors with EG School

For a digitalized Institution and paperless future, adopt EG School’s Education management software drives and streamline your organization’s progress in a paperless way.